Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Art" 'round Town

There were beautiful, blown-up printouts around town pix and collages and here's one of he finest around the corner from the Belgian art foundation -- nice tribute to Rops, Ensor and all the dirty, crazy Belgians and lovers of fries.

This crazy store was straight art and all nostalgia, other casts would evoke loss on this web site, because they would not make it clear that all these casts seemed to come from LIFE and love...not some sad elegy as they evoke...

This is Emil before Manet's portrait of Emile Zola.


Is this the finest room??

This may be he world's finest room -- all felt, felt and felt; dedicated to Joseph Beuys; a piano and me, American in a clown-like patterned shirt, a pen in the pocket...I could have slept there...made more of myself here...quit my day job.

Playtime in Paris

(unrelated but sentimental)

Eiffel Tower

Pere Lachaise, Crazy Jews & Jeanne H├ębuterne


So Ms. Toklas was from a fine and fancy SF Jewish family -- where'd Ms. Stein come from? GERTRUDE STEIN. How long were they in Oakland, the Steins? It is nice to see that they are buried "facing" each other, so to speak...actually -- looking away from each other to the future...


Sir Jacob Epstein's OSCAR WILDE monument